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THE DACHSHUND ESCAPADES series will uplift  and  delight you.  Glad you've  stopped by!  

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Meet our new granddawg, Sunny:


Have you ever wondered . . . 

. . . what your dog is REALLY thinking?  On this site, I showcase my books, THE DACHSHUND ESCAPADES series (set in the South), written from Sarge the dachshund's viewpoint. Readers love Sarge's humorous "lowdown from the ground" on his family, friends, and life in general. There's  also an excerpt from one of the books as well as an interview with Sarge.  I also share a little about myself, explain why I write from a dachshund's viewpoint, and include pictures of my doxie Duke and granddawg Shadow as well.


"I love THE DACHSHUND ESCAPADES books--they are written by my buddy Sarge the doxie, and man, is he funny! Check them out by clicking HERE! 

"And be sure to tell all your doxie-loving friends about these delightful books--they're "bow-wowingly" funny! Ol' Sarge really knows his stuff about us, but then, he is one of us. And his zany human family cracks me up!"



(01/22/01 - 02/01/17)

Our family said our good-byes to our doxie granddawg Shadow on Wednesday, Feb. 1. If you've ever lost a beloved pet, then you know how hard it is when that pet has to be put down because of health reasons. 

He was my inspiration for Sarge the doxie of THE DACHSHUND ESCAPADES books, and many of the experiences in those books really happened. He was a very special doxie and very intelligent. Our grandchildren never knew life without him, because he was their older fur brother.

Shadow had turned 16 in January, and had been in declining health for some time. 

Dachshunds . . . you gotta love 'em, even when they're no longer with us. 

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Why We Love Dogs

Papa Duke, (my late father, in my parents' wedding portrait and oil painting, circa 1944), one of the beloved Southern characters in THE DACHSHUND ESCAPADES series of books, so aptly states our feelings about dogs in I AM SARGE, Book 1: 

"A dawg loves you no matter what. You can be ugly, old, even dumb--but a dawg don't care. All he wants is your love and some food now and then. I think dawgs represent the unconditional love God has for us--maybe that's why He created them, to show that to us." 

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   Trevor here. I am Sarge the dachshund's agent. He's a hard worker, makes friends with humans and animals, and he is just an all-around great dawg! But please allow me to clue you in: THE DACHSHUND ESCAPADES books by Sarge the doxie author aren't just for dachshunds!

   Humans of all ages adore Sarge's tales about his zany human family. And oh, some of the predicaments my boy got himself into! Not only are his humans outrageous, their other animals--conniving cats, Shadow the doxie, a talklng cockatiel--will entertain you to no end! You simply must learn more about these books, my friends. Have I intrigued you yet? Find out more here Ciao!

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